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Vaping Blue Dream for an Elevated Euphoria

Get the flavor of Brass Knuckles’ Blue Dream without the smoke. Enjoy the inescapable notes of sweet berry and blueberry flavors with a calm, full-body relaxation.

Introducing Blue Dream Vape, the New Way to Enjoy Cannabis

Relax, unwind, and escape into a new world with Blue Dream vape. Get the gentle, soothing flavor of the original Blue Dream strain without the smoke or the hassle.

Experience Sweet and Smooth Vaping Bliss With Blue Dream

Blue Dream vape from Brass Knuckles is the perfect balance of full-body relaxation with sweet and smooth flavors of blueberry and wild berry.

Sativa-Dominant Vape That’s Perfect for Both Novices and Veterans

The mild effects of Blue Dream cartridges are perfect for both novice and veteran consumers. Feel the gentle euphoria while still being able to function the rest of the day, with the sweet berry notes!


Blue Dream retains the classic sativa effects that consumers with a higher tolerance enjoy and appreciate.

High Quality Vape

Brass Knuckles pre-filled vape pens are created using only the finest extracts on Humboldt Farms for a powerful yet smooth hit.

California Origin

Blue Dream originates in California, and is crossed from Blueberry indica and the sativa Haze.

Smooth, Balanced High

The balanced hybrid of Blue Dream allows for a full body high without feeling too heavy or emotionally “drained”.

Wild Berry Flavor

Experience smooth draws of sweet blueberry and wild berry flavors every time for maximum satisfaction.

Ready to Use

Brass Knuckles pre-filled vape pens are easy to use,

Enjoy the Balanced Effects of Blue Dream

From the bright notes of sweet berry and blueberry flavors to its gentle relaxation, Blue Dream vape cartridge is a sativa-dominant vape that is designed to the delight your senses and ease your body. Experience the power of Blue Dream vape like never before!


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